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The original research-library rock'n'roll radio show! Broadcasting on WREK Atlanta, each show features an hour of music, interviews, and library talk united by a common theme.

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image from LEO - AFT Local 6244

Guest: Colleen Marquis, University of Michigan, Flint

First broadcast July 30, 2021

Playlist at: https://www.wrek.org/?p=35940

"Being in a union together will just make it easier for us to advocate for one another, and to communicate and be in solidarity together."

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Guest: Ivan Oransky, co-founder of Retraction Watch

First broadcast July 23, 2021

Playlist at https://www.wrek.org/?p=35917

"We were off by an order of magnitude in the number of retractions we thought there were."

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First broadcast July 16 2021.

Playlist at https://www.wrek.org/?p=35901

"Which, if I may be frank, was a mixed bag at best."

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Guest: Matt Zumwalt of Protocol Labs.

First broadcast May 12 2017.

Playlist at https://www.wrek.org/2017/05/playlist-for-lost-in-the-stacks-from-friday-may-12th-the-interplanetary-file-system-episode-343/

"I feel like there should be an echo effect."

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Guest: Kimberley Edwards and Tricia Mackenzie of George Mason University Libraries.

First broadcast July 2 2021.

Playlist at https://www.wrek.org/?p=35852

"What part of your library department could use some better PR?"

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