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Lost in the Stacks: the Research Library Rock'n'Roll Radio Show

Mar 24, 2017

Part 3 of the Spoti-FIGHT! series 

Guests: David Lowery, musician with Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker; author at Trichordist, instructor in Music Business at University of Georgia.

First broadcast November 20, 2015.

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“I'm in a Spoti-fight, but I don't know exactly how I...

Mar 17, 2017

Guest: Tara Malone of the Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library.

First broadcast March 17 2017.

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"The best way to truly understand anything is to talk with someone...

Mar 10, 2017

Guest: Itza Carbajal of the Liberated Archive Forum planning committee.

First broadcast March 10 2017.

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"My theory is that Fred and Ameet and Charlie all secretly want to be...