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Lost in the Stacks: the Research Library Rock'n'Roll Radio Show

Mar 24, 2023

A shelf full of puppetry books

Guests: Alex Brinson and Kayleah Brown, ACRL Diversity Resident Librarians at the Georgia Tech Library.

Transcript; Playlist at 

Originally broadcast March 24, 2023

"Frankly, it's really hard to break into your first faculty level position."


Mar 17, 2023

Guests: Francisco Segado of the University of Madrid, and Juan Martín of King Carlos University.

First broadcast March 17 2023.

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Mar 10, 2023

Guests: Kyle Tanaka, PhD student in Philosophy at Emory University, and Sonya Slutskaya, Head of Resource Description at the Emory Library

First broadcast March 10 2023.

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"Do I get a second...

Mar 3, 2023

Guest: Kristen Brown of the Georgia Tech Library.

First broadcast March 3 2023.

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"I had to focus what is going to impact black...