Lost in the Stacks: the Research Library Rock'n'Roll Radio Show
The original research-library rock'n'roll radio show! Broadcasting on WREK Atlanta, each show features an hour of music, interviews, and library talk united by a common theme.

EU flag with lock and cookiesGuest: Anne Gilliland, Scholarly Communications Officer at UNC-Chapel Hill Library.

First broadcast October 26, 2018.

Playlist at https://www.wrek.org/2018/10/playlist-for-lost-in-the-stacks-from-friday-october-26th-tf-is-up-with-eu-gdpr-episode-400/

“That sense of being known is wonderful, and also really hard to deal with.”

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Guests: Sonya Slutskaya and Marlee Givens of the Georgia Tech Library.

First broadcast October 19 2018.

Playlist at https://www.wrek.org/2018/10/playlist-for-lost-in-the-stacks-from-friday-october-19th-our-catalogs-ourselves-episode-399/

"That's since been revised..."

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Guest: Liz Holdsworth of the Georgia Tech Library.

First broadcast October 12 2018

Playlist at https://www.wrek.org/2018/10/playlist-for-lost-in-the-stacks-from-friday-october-12th-oer-the-happening-episode-398/


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Guest: Jefferson Bailey, Program Manager & Web Archivist for the
Internet Archive.

First broadcast December 11 2015.

Playlist at http://www.wrek.org/?p=13320

"The scale at which we can create historical records of value and documentary evidence with digital technologies is quite profound."

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Here is the full, uncut interview with Professor Dave Beer that we broadcast chunks of during Lost in the Stacks episode 397. NB: Lots of digital distortion and echoes.

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